9 Tips to Enrich Your Holiday Season!
by Julie Kleinhans on

While the holidays are a time of celebration and joy, for many it can bring up a lot of stress and overwhelm.

These days, it seems that the holidays are more about doing than being. Especially if you are a parent! There are holiday parties, school events, shopping, baking, cooking and cleaning, visiting lots of relatives and friends, decorating, bills to pay, kids parties and more. Wow, how do we find the time for it all while still enjoying the true meaning of the holidays?

Many years ago I gave up the belief of stressing and ‘doing’ too much for the holidays and I have to say I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS even more than I did when I was in my early twenties, with not nearly as many responsibilities as I have now!

How did I do this? Simple. I set the intention to do so. I decided. I affirmed. I deliberately create it each and every year. It’s true we all create our own reality so I decided that my reality every holiday season would be about bringing in the spirit, the true spirit, of the holiday season.

Here are 9 Tips to Enrich Your Holiday Season to help you ground in the spirit of the holidays and truly enjoy each moment!

#1 Make it Simple

I decided many years ago that I was going to make it simple…as simple as it could possibly be. To me that means shopping locally (avoiding large department stores, malls and chain stores) and maybe meeting a friend for dinner or coffee while enjoying the festivities in town. I love going into a local town and buying gifts that are unique, thoughtful and eco-friendly, while also contributing to the local economy. I also take advantage of purchasing things online to make it easier.

#2 Saying, “No Thank You”

Another big thing I say is “No Thank You”. There are many parties and gatherings that we may feel obligated to attend. If it feels stressful or overwhelming to me, or if it takes me away from other things I would prefer to be doing, even if that is relaxing by the fire, then I give myself full permission to say, “No thank you.”

What’s the point of doing, doing, doing, if we cannot be fully present and enjoy what we are doing? People understand when you say “no thank you” because they are busy themselves. And if they don’t understand, well, that is their issue that you don’t have to take responsibility for.

#3 Aromatherapy

Surround yourself with uplifting scents to arouse your mood. There are lots of amazing aromatherapy scents for the holiday season that bring up that warm, delicious, joyful and serene holiday feeling. Choose non-toxic, clean essential oils. They keep you healthy and uplift your mood.

#4 Schedule in Family Time

The people we share our home with are the lights of our life. Being together around the table for meals, conversation, family games or quiet relaxation are the moments we realize that we truly have everything we need.

#5 Slow Down

Focus on slowing down. The slower you go, the more you accomplish. As you slow down, you become fully present.

Did you see my interview on “Mindfulness Skills for Kids and Teens” with Debra Burdick? CLICK HERE


What I share is that by enjoying your surroundings you raise your vibration, which therefore attracts better experiences to you. Rather than coming from a place of stress and overwhelm, where you will then continue to attract more things to feel stressed and overwhelmed about.

#6 Setting Your Intention Daily

Take time each day, even if it’s just 5-10 minutes, to set the intention and call in the energy of what you would like to experience for the day and/or season. It could be peace, joy, gratitude, appreciation, laughter, romance, etc. This year I choose to have a romantic holiday season. I visualize and feel the romance of sitting quietly by the fire with my loving husband, enjoying the sounds and sights of the winter season.

#7 Make Your Passions Your Priorities

Learn that it’s okay not to do everything. Pick the most important and passionate things and really live those up. Celebrate them and make them the focus on your holiday season.

#8 Gratitude

Give daily gratitude and appreciation for all the blessings in your life. The people you love, the people who love you, the money you do have, the home you do have, the health you do have, the food you do have. There are a million things to be grateful for in this moment!

#9 Giving Back

Give back. Donate, volunteer or simply send special notes of gratitude and appreciation to people or organizations that have made a difference in your life.



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