What Mark Did You Make?
by Renaye Thornborrow on November 21, 2016

What Mark Did You Make? Teaching the Golden Rule

Checking in with your kids each day is a great way to help them remember their values and to focus on the type of person that they want to be.  And a great question to ask each night is, “What mark did you make today?”

You see, every time you are with someone you leave a mark – either a “gold heart” or a “grungy mark” depending on how you treated them.

When I was a young girl, my Dad loved to talk about the Golden Rule – “to treat others as I would want to be treated”. The Golden Rule was really about treating other people with kindness and respect.

When you are respectful (giving gold hearts), it builds rapport, trust, and connection with others.  When you are disrespectful (leaving grungy marks), it can cause resentment, anger, distrust, and conflict and can build an emotional wall between you and the other person.

Treating others with kindness and respect is the foundation for happy marriages, meaningful friendships, successful careers, and joyful families. Teaching our kids to live by the Golden Rule will help them learn how to create successful relationships in their lives.

So tonight at dinner, I invite you to share this idea of giving “gold hearts” or leaving “grungy marks” with your kids.  Ask your kids to brainstorm example of how they can give gold hearts.

They might come up with ideas such as helping with the dishes after dinner, playing nicely with their siblings, or saying “thank you” to their teacher.  Also talk about how they can handle challenging situations with gold hearts.

Give them scenarios they can work through such as not being included on the play ground, not being invited to a birthday party, or not being picked for the school play.   Practicing scenarios will help your kids learn how to handle interactions with other in a way that leaves gold hearts instead of grungy marks.

To turn this into an everyday practice, simply ask your kids each night, “What type of mark did you make today?”


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Renaye Thornborrow

RenayeRenaye Thornborrow is the founder and CEO of Adventures in Wisdom™, author of The Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching Program for Kids™ Curriculum, and leader of a worldwide movement to empower kids.

Her company’s WISDOM Coach™ Certification program is helping professionals on 6 continents and 30 countries use fun stories and activities to bring personal development and self-leadership skills to kids ages 6-12.  Through the stories, kids learn how to handle the ups and downs of growing up, to bounce back from disappointment, to think for themselves and make good decisions, and to go for their dreams and make them happen.

Renaye is a personal development expert, member of the International Coaches Federation, and board member for the Association of Coach Training Organizations.   She is also a retired corporate marketing executive and holds a Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M University and an MBA from the University of Texas.  She and her husband of 24 years are the proud parents of 14-year old twins – a son and a daughter.




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