Why We Need to Change Our Attitude About This Election
by Julie Kleinhans on October 21, 2016

Why We Need to Change Our Attitude About This Election

Solutions come when we hold the higher vision of what we want.

Solutions come easier when we reserve judgement.

Solutions come easier when we stop blaming.

It’s clear to most people that the current state of politics in the United States and the majority of the world is WAY out of alignment with the energy that provides solutions.

When we fight with one another, we get more of the same. Law of Attraction always brings us more of where we place our focus. So as we fight with each other as a nation, we are only holding back the solution for harmony in our government.

I personally don’t agree with either candidate or the way they handle themselves. I personally don’t believe most of what they say and I think most people understand how politics work in this day and age and are angered by it.

But I also know that most people really WANT the same thing and I can sum it up to well-being. We all desire well-being in all areas of our lives.

Let’s start with an example of something in our personal lives and how we teach our children to create what they want.

If we want our children to achieve a goal, we teach them to focus on what they want and NOT on what they don’t want.

We teach them to use positive words and images of their goal.

We teach them to take personal responsibility for their thoughts, beliefs and actions.

We teach them to understand what is not working in their lives and to then let it go and choose something better.

THE SAME APPLIES ON A LARGE SCALE, including the co-creation of a harmonious government.

Can you imagine what would happen if we collectively held the vision and spoke of what we wanted to see in our government more than we spoke about what we hate?

Can you imagine what would happen if we were kind to others that may hold different viewpoints or opinions about politics?

Can you imagine what would happen if we sent love to our world and imagined all countries interacting from a place of harmony and peace? The song Imagine by John Lennon always brings joy to my heart.

Really that is the only way we will create a harmonious government for our future. And I truly believe that the children of today can do this but they must learn to do it from us. After all WE THE PEOPLE are responsible for electing our leaders. If we teach the youth of America about things such as tolerance, acceptance and mutual respect then we can have a real conversation on the issues facing our nation. Instead today we see bickering, name calling and distractions surrounding the election. Focusing on these trivial things keeps us all fighting amongst each other while any true change gets lost in the circus.

We must rise above the madness. Our children are listening to us fight over these cults of personality. From this they will learn to not tolerate people who hold differing beliefs from our own. We should always seek the way of love and understanding instead of fear and contempt. I hold the visions that they will learn this instead and perhaps they can be the ones who truly change our present situation.

Will you join me?

So perhaps we are many years away from having a harmonious government. But we are not many years away in teaching our children how to hold the higher vision, how to manifest their desires and how to contribute to world peace.

If we start today for every child, we ARE going to see a world of harmony and peace in the future. Not a perfect world, but if you are looking for perfection in your life, you are seeking that which you cannot attain.

One of my biggest missions is to bring TRUTH to our youth when it comes to teaching them about how the mind and heart works. We need to teach them about energy, the law of attraction and how our thoughts create what we experience, on a personal level and a global level as well.

Peace out my friends!



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