Successful Kids Mentoring for Parents and Teachers
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Support for Parents and Teachers who want a Happy, Healthy and Productive Environment for their Kids!


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Each Session will cover my 5-STEP System for creating Productive, Confident and Happy Kids!

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  • Session 1: Creating Self Awareness
  • Session 2: Raising Vibration
  • Session 3: Changing Beliefs and Creating The Future Vision
  • Session 4: Setting Goals and Taking Action
  • Session 5: Living One’s Life Purpose
  • Session 6: Bonus Info
Session 1: Creating Self Awareness

Creating Self Awareness

  • Inspire your kids to take personal responsibility
  • Identify your own limited beliefs as a parent or teacher and how it impacts your kids and then how to shift it into more empowering beliefs
  • Help kids understand their own personal power to create their reality through emotional awareness and trusting their emotional guidance
Session 2: Raising Vibration

Raising Vibration

  • Work with Universal Laws in a way that kids understand and that can be taught in schools without making it esoteric
  • Learn simple and fun tools to raise your vibrational set point and teach it to your kids
  • Master your emotional energy as a parent or teacher so you can model this to your kids
  • Understand how energy works and how to read your own and your child’s energy
Session 3: Changing Beliefs and Creating a Future Vision

Changing Beliefs and Creating a Future Vision

  • Consciously replace programmed beliefs and support our kids to reprogram their limited beliefs
  • Learn to support kids with visualizing at home and in the classroom
  • Techniques and tools to create an inspiring future vision
  • Connect your kids to their future self
  • Bring about clarity on what kids desire for their future
Session 4: Setting Goals and Taking Action
Setting Goals and Taking Action
  • Set SMART goals that are inspiring and age appropriate
  • Learn how to let go and allow your son or daughter to choose their own goals and path
  • Understand how to help your kids take inspired action
  • Discover how to align energy to maximize the results of the actions that you take
  • Help your kids feel supported in the goals they have set
Session 5: Living One’s Life Purpose
Living One's Life Purpose
  • Support your kids or students in identifying their unique talents, strengths, abilities and passion
  • Learn how to teach your kids to tap into their universal support system to receive guidance for their life path
  • Teach kids to recognize the unlimited possibilities ahead of them
  • Honor children’s uniqueness and help them make empowered choices that feel good to them rather than teaching them to give their power away
  • Understand how to help kids create a future vision where they serve humanity as well as live a richly rewarding, passionate and adventurous life
  • Empower your kids to be a role model to others
  • Help your child create their ideal career
  • Assist your children to make choices aligned with their highest good
Session 6: Bonus Call
Bonus Call
  • Receive more personalized support as I answer questions related to the topics we have covered in the previous 5 sessions
  • Learn how to take this information and expand on it in your homes, schools and communities

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